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Mission Statement:     Change is constant and having the ability to manage and adapt to this change is crucial in future growth. Our goal is to assist businesses and organizations to tap into their own potential by providing proper guidance and assistance. We strive to ensure that you become more successful today than you may have been in the past. Bringing out the very best in you.
Welcome to BizTraining101, this site is designed to assist you with various small business tools and training programs. Tools ranging from "Advertising" to "Marketing" to a vast selection of "Security" training programs. Our team of Business Experts and Consultants understand the many challenges of operating a business. With the downturn in the global economy along with the increase in "Big Box" competition never has running a small business been so challenging especially on a small business budget. Because times are changing, which shifts in technological advancements, in order to thrive in your business, many business experts agree the need to develop up-to-date skills in various areas your business. We also are aware that business owners and managers are in charge of a huge number of business tasks and generally do not have a great deal of extra time to enroll in lengthy training programs in order to expand their skill set. With this in mind all the training programs currently being featured on this site have been reviewed and tested. Several criteria had to be met including:
  • The Business Training Program must prove to be of good benefit to the Business Person.
  • The Business Training Program must be affordable to the Business owner.
  • The Training program must be comprehensive but should be completed in a reasonable length of time for the average business person. (The various programs range from approximately 20 minutes to 3 hours to complete).
  • The information and skills learned could potentially be implemented into the business in a relatively short period of time.
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Get the most out of your advertising dollar and increasing your Advertising Results by at least 4 to 6 times? The Power of Advertising teaches business owners and managers, along with marketing directors how to advertise like a pro. It takes many proven strategies that large Ad Agencies use when designing large budget advertising and puts them into an easy to understand, affordable small business format. This system will take your advertising to a new level, that any organization can follow, even on a tight budget. The training program contains dozens of money saving tips and strategies. Take control of your advertising and begin seeing better results without spending more money. The Designers of this program have more than twenty five years experience designing advertising campaigns and suggest ... "Before you spend another dime on advertising, use the skills in the "Power of Advertising" and take your ads to a new level". Turn your ordinary advertising campaign into an extra ordinary advertising machine.
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MavMarketing is a series of marketing techniques that will make you think outside the box. This system covers marketing from the basic to the bizarre to the brilliant. MavMarketing is a non-traditional method of building and continually promoting your business that often is below the radar of the "Big Box" Stores. Often MavMarketers are successful because they tend to do things a bit different and follow the principles of Mavericks. (Click here to see the ten Mav Marketing Principles)

This program will most definitely inspire you to think outside the "Box" and uses some of  the marketing strategies that other Mavericks are successfully using in their business. The program is a collection of marketing ideas and strategies in a short story like format. As an added bonus the authors of this online program have included a segment entitled "150 Ways to Build and Promote Your Business" ideal for both new and experienced businesses.
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Canada's Top Retail loss Prevention Expert warns that Shoplifting is on the Rise and statistics are showing us that shoplifting has doubled since the year 2000. It appears this trend will continue to skyrocket primarily due to the state of the economy. There tends to be a correlation between the state of the economy and the level of Retail Shrinkage. Both the FBI and RCMP state that shoplifting is North Americas #1 property Crime and is the fastest growing crime. Research shows that the average retailer will lose between 1 to 8 percent of annual sales to shoplifting. So this is a major concern to all retailers. Many security experts now agree, businesses need to take a proactive approach in order to minimize shoplifting. Studies now suggest that staff training may be the most cost effective method of reducing retail shrinkage and now recommend that all staff members, from the part-time employees to the management team receive ongoing shoplift prevention training. The modern thief is more sophisticated and informed than ever, it is time for retailers to catch up. The Shoplift Prevention program not only will help minimize external theft but will also help staff members recognize a potentially violent situation. Studies also suggest that internal theft (employee theft) is reduced when a training program is implemented. As well the risk of being sued by a shoplifting suspect is dramatically reduced
employee theft reduction training
I know what you are thinking --- not my employees, they would never steal from me. Well I have some disturbing news for you. If you have employees there is a very good chance at least one of them is stealing from you. According to the Association of Certified Fraud examiners, the typical business will lose an average of 6% of revenue from employee theft. The frequency of internal theft as compared to external theft is slightly lower, but the loss per incident is much higher as it can  occur over a period of time. The Retail Council estimates that more than 1/3 of “inventory shrinkage” is caused by internal theft.

How can you minimize internal theft? One of the leading experts in Retail Loss Prevention, specializing in both internal theft as well as external theft shares some tips on reducing internal loss. He reminds retailers that sometimes your best customer can be a shoplifter and your best employee can be a thief.
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The Cats Eye Security Retail Loss Prevention Training Program covers the major forms of retail loss. This program provides all staff members with the fundamentals in preventing and detecting Credit Card Fraud, Check Fraud, Counterfeit Money, Armed Robbery as well as basic Shoplifting reduction. For the first time this training is now available online at a fraction of the price of our in-house training. Retail loss can have a devastation effect on a businesses bottom line and last year a record number of businesses went bankrupt, primarily due to retail shrinkage. Retail loss experts currently estimate that a retailer will lose between 1 and 8 percent of annual sales due to shoplifting. This does not even take into account all the other forms of retail shrinkage. This program will assist retailers in keeping losses to a minimum and retaining maximum profits. This Training program is available in two different editions. The Employee Edition as well as the Owner/Manager Edition.
shoplift prevention training
This highly researched CD-ROM is designed for instructor interested in training retail staff members as well as in-house use. A business organization may choose to have an in-house presenter train it’s staff on merchant loss prevention (shoplifting prevention) on an ongoing basis rather than contract out these services. The information in this CD-ROM is similar to the owners / managers Training Edition but provides the Trainer with an extensive and well layed out PowerPoint presentation. Instructional tips have also been included in this presentation to create  a more effective training program.
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Armed Robbery is generally not a common occurance in retail but tends to increase during tougher economic times. It is often commited by desperated, unpredictable possibly violent individuals. The information in this mini-training module will provide important information about the proper steps to take if faced with an armed robber. Knowledge through proper training will help reduce the risk of harm to you and your co-workers as well as your customers. Please note that this program is part of the "Cats Eye" Retail Loss Prevention Program. To Learn more about other Retail Loss Prevention Training. Please Click Here
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shoplift prevention training
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